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A funny little thing

Hello there! I'm going to do something new today (any clue what that might be?). I'm going to write a review on a book in english! Mostly because the book I've read is in english (and my english teacher assigned me to write one of these) and I thought it might be fun. Mosty all of you lovely book bloggers out there are reading in english so I thought that wouldn't be that much of a problem. To all of you who don't usually read in english: I'm sorry, but if you briefly want to know what I thought of the book you can alwas check the grade I've given it. Here we go!

The Selction is a dystopian novel and takes place in the future in a country called Illéa. In this new country, which arose after the Third World War and a couple of occupations, the people are divided into casts from One to Eight. In this society, if there’s a prince born, the Selection will take place to find his future wife. All young women from 16 to 20 can join a lottery and 35 lucky girls can come and stay at the palace and compete against each other for the feelings of the prince. This is what happens to the Five America Singer.

She reluctantly joins the Selection, even though there’s a very special person she don’t want to leave behind. But when that person leaves her first she has nothing else to do but to heartbroken join the Selection. Her relationship with prince Maxon develops into something very outstanding, since she isn’t looking for the love of the prince, she offers her friendship and inside information about the other 34 girls. The Prince accepts this but along the way their feelings towards each other change into something not quite like anything America could have imagined.

Probably the most beautiful cover I've ever seen!

(Since this is kind of an assignment for school the parts below where I speak my mind is quite different from what it usually is like... And please forgive me if I spell things wrong or write weird sentences.)

The one character that I got most attached to throughout the book was prince Maxon. When America had seen him on the Report (a national television program from the palace) she’d thought of him as stiff and boring. But when she met him in person he was not at all like that. He’d been brought up at the palace and hadn’t had the opportunity to talk to very much women, and when America starts to cry he has no clue what to do. I think that’s very sweet. He’s a gentleman from head to toe but America (and myself) likes him better when he doesn’t have on that polished façade. He cares a lot about his (future) country and all the Selected girls. He tries to acknowledge them and get to know every single one because he’s got his mind set on making the right choice of a wife, for the kingdom and himself.

The palace sometimes gets attacked by rebels, and during the two times in the book that that happened he was very attentive and caring for all the girls, who, of course, got very upset and frightened.  America was very frustrated while entering the Selection because she thought that she was losing so much of her identity and integrity, but what she didn’t know was that prince Maxon also was skeptic about much of the Selection. For example he described how awkward it was that your parents would be closely watching your first attempt at dating, them and the entire country. I think he’s a very sympathetic and caring and smart person and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series to see what choice he makes.

A thing I loved about this book is that I was so eager to know what was happening next. There was so many different ways in which it could have ended and I just couldn’t wait to find out what it was going to be! It wasn’t that much action in the book but I still liked the tempo. In the beginning, before America left her home for the Selection, it was a bit hasty and it felt a little weird to me. Especially with this special person of hers. They had been dating in secret for two years, because you could end up in jail if you were together with a person in a lower cast than you. Then right before the Singers received the answer to the Selection lottery he just threw her off, even though they practically was about to marry. That I found a bit funny, and then when she was in the palace I cheered for prince Maxon since that special person had ended thing so suddenly and cruelly.

I very much liked to get to know all the other girls. Since there from the beginning was 35 of them, only a few were pointed out and highlighted, but I didn't think that was a problem. It would have been very annoying and boring if the author had gotten up close to all the girls and described them. The book ended in sorts of a cliffhanger. The Selection wasn't over yet, it was only the Elite left in the palace (the last ten girls) and the Elite is the name of next book which will be published in April 2013. I long to read more of the Selection, all the girls, America and the prince because there is still quite a lot loose thread that needs to me explained.

To sum it all up, a very easygoing but exciting book which took me very short time to read. I clung to the pages and before I knew it, it was over. It's not the most well written book I've read and I'm sure that if I was looking for fault in this book, I would find quite a few. But I didn't do that and I enjoyed it a lot. 8/10 points was it given to by me.

Title: The Selection
Series: The Selection #1
Author: Kiera Cass
Published in: 2012
Pages: 327

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  1. Svar: Tack! Din var riktigt bra den med! Roligt att du gick in mer på detaljer :D Ser galet mycket fram emot The Elite. Så spännande att se vad som kommer att hända.